The journey of the oud

The journey of the oud


A journey through time and through different civilizations, which adopted the oud and helped to develop it until it became the instrument we know today. From the Arab countries to Europe and Asia, the instrument itself is a character who tells its own story. This instrument will be seen, throughout the 4 films of this series, as part of the story of travels through civilizations and cultures.


Documentary series
Length: 4 chapters 26′ each
Production year: 2017
Original title: The journey of the oud
Written and Directed by: Paula Palacios
Producer: Paula Palacios
Produced by: MORADA FILMS for Aljazeera Documentray Channel
Shooting format: HD colour 16/9
Screening format: Bluray, DVD
Original Language: Arabic, Spanish, English, Farsi, Turkish
Subtitles: Arabic / English
Locations: Granada & Córdoba (Spain), Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Morocco
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